Frequently-Asked Questions

Most of your questions about MyGiftCheques will be answered here. If not, then feel free to contact us with anything that is on your mind.


"What is the BETA Phase?"

The BETA Phase of MyGiftCheques is a private, pre-launch testing of our services and systems prior to taking our service nationally. Only invited companies may participate. During the BETA Phase, we will be analysing aspects of our offer to make "tweaks" and adjustments in order to streamline and perfect our services for the benefit of our clients.

"Law firms and doctors don't offer discounts. Why should I?"

Not true at all. Law firms negotiate rates and offer coupons for initial consulting on a regular basis. Dentists and clinics also offer coupons and discount on a regular basis as evidenced by online services such as Groupon.

Keep in mind that most billion-dollar corporations also offer coupons plus a wide variety of discounting incentives in order to attract new clients and build their brand recognition and customer loyalty. It is a very normal practice across the board.

"Why are the advantages of a gift cheque versus a traditional coupon?"

Our gift cheque program is a multi-part service and system that traditional couponing is incapable of matching. For example, our gift cheques often involve two parties (gifting and sharing your gift cheque offer) with one being the "giver" and the other being the "recipient". In comparison, a coupon is typically targeted to individual use.

Additionally, gift cheques (and certificates) have greater perceived value which compels recipients to use them more quickly instead of ignoring them as a commodity.

"What kind of git cheques should I create and for what denomination?"

Remember what the intent of your gift cheques system is about. All incentive marketing programs do one of two thing: (1) attract new customers, or (2) revive business from prior customers. Use your gift cheque marketing system for these two purposes. As far as denomination, you decide what's best for your company. Never offer anything that is going to hurt your bottom line in the long-run.


"How many gift cheques can I have once I sign up?"

We allow one "sheet" of gift cheques or gift certificates. Each sheet contains two cheques or certificates.

"How customized can my gift cheques and gift certificates be?"

You may either have us customize existing themes, or we can create exclusive themes for you. You have up to TWO total cheques and/or certificates with each order.

"How do I market my gift cheques and certificates?"

We will provide you with supplemental marketing flyers if you are offering your gift cheques and certificates to parties such as real estate offices, affiliate partners, HR departments, and others.

We will also provide you with a "download page" that has a unique URL (website address) that you can share with your contacts via email or social media.

It is up to you if you want to print multiple copies if your actual gift cheque and certificate sheets for distribution.

"Can I change the expiration date of my gift cheques and certificates without changing the design?"

Yes. We are happy to do this for you for a small fee. Keep in mind that we will have to update the expiration dates on your supplemental marketing materials, too.

"Will you send emails to my contacts for me to inform them about my gift cheques?"

No. There are dozens of services available to help you send and track emails. There is no need for use to reinvent the proverbial wheel.


"Do gift cheques and gift certificates have to comply with The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009?"

This is a sensitive question, and there are specific rules to how you can, and should, use gift cheques and certificates for marketing purposes. The general answer is "YES", you should be aware of federal and state laws. However, there are intentional "loopholes" that allow you to use our gift cheque marketing system without violating federal and state law. We will guide you through this.

"Federal law says that my gift cheques cannot expire for five years. Is this true?"

No. In general, federal law is targeting gift cards that were purchased by one part as a gift to another party. Our gift cheque system falls under "couponing" which offers a broader range of options with less compliance required. Also, we DO NOT allow you to sell gift cheques and gift certificates to any party (which is what the law is intended to cover).

However, nearly every state has enacted some kind of consumer-protection law regarding gift cards and certificates. We highly-recommend that you explore your own state's laws.